El pasado jueves se entregaron en la óptica de Thika de la cadena OPTICA, las gafas a los pacientes operados de cataratas en junio que quedaron pendientes de hacer.

VSF quiere agradecer la generosidad del responsable de la cadena OPTICA, Kush Bhardwaj en Kenia el haber costeado las lentes y el montaje de las gafas y al personal de la empresa MEDISEL por su apoyo en personal y recursos de gestión.

Enhorabuena a todos.

(adjuntamos mails recibidos)

De: Jane Wanjohi
Enviado el:martes, 01 de octubre de 2013 9:26
Para: ‘Thika Optica’
Asunto: glasses

Dear Mrs. Hetal,

Thank you so much for allowing us use your premises to dispense and all the effort and time you made with your team.

It was a delight to see the restoration of vision and smiles to the patients.

I am at your disposal to complete the task.

Thanking you all


From:Thika Optica
Sent:Tuesday, October 01, 2013 10:03 AM
Subject: glasses

Dear all

Hope you are all well

We dispensed the glasses to the patients last Thursday.Most of them collected .There are a few left which will be given reminders by Jane.The patients were very happy with their glasses and thankful.

Thank you




On 16 September 2013 16:54, Jane Wanjohi

Dear Dr. Isabel,

Kindly let me know how many glasses we are expecting, the patients names and particular details of the glasses to facilitate contacting them and issuing.

We have arranged with Ms. Hetal to call the patients and give them a particular date next week and 2 hours’ time to come collect from the optical shop.

This will allow them have time to arrange for their travel and also relatives to bring them as this has been proven to be a challenge in the past camps.

This will also make it easier for us to do the activity once, and minimize loss of time or disruption of activities at the optical shop.

Thank you for your continued effort in making all this successful, we sure will send you the photos.