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Membership Requirements

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Membership Requirements

None, just to believe in the project and wish to assit.

Ways of helping:

  • Membership solely by making a financial donation ( see donation form)
  • Membership by donation and voluntary work
  • Major sponsors will have the possibility of placing their logo on our web page


How can you help

  • By collecting used glasses from opticians and sending them to Federopticos Mijanos o Federopticos Signes
  • By making a payment in cash to the NGO. The money will only be used to pay for the optical materials
  • Our Bank Account Details

Deusch Bank: 0019 0248 77 4010006271

CAM: 2090 0060 62 0040204534

  • By going to the places where the work is carried out: (optometrists)
  • By donating any type of optical and optometrical instruments
  • By assembling the glasses that are needed
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