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Morocco - 2008

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10th Co-operation Project in Morocco. Developed from 29th September to 13th October 2008 in Arfoud and  Hassi Lábiad  


People Treated:1038 

Glasses not required: 251

Donated glasses: 580


Ophthalmologic  Problems : 62

Pending glasses: 114

Detected cararacts: 31  




Demetrio Mecon – Barcelona

Teresa Sánchez – Madrid

Lola Meseguer – Murcia

Jose Zas – Gijón  






Co-operating Organizations: ONG Azul en Acción


Murcia Asociación:  “Jeunes de Hassi Lábiad”


Morocco Asociación: “Organisation marocaine des Scouts et Guides”


Morocco Volunteers: Abelkader El GorchiAli CherhaneAbdulMohammed MaamriLarbi MoussaouriAbdelhay MoussaoriRachida AyadiThe journey was paid for by each  of the participants 


VSF Representative: Josep Pedrós Ginestar 



VSF worked on two projects:  


1. Ocular refraction carried out in the local association “Association Habibat de développement rurale Arab Sebbah Ziz Arfoud” located in Kasar Oldtalb, Arfoud.

This campaign was carried out in co-operation with the association “Organisation marocaine des Scouts et Guides”, coordinated by Abdelkader El Gorchi.


Teresa Sánchez, Lola Meseguer and José Zas (from Spain) and Mohammed Maamri and Abdul worked as translators worked in Arfoud. 


Larbi, Abdelhay Moussaoui and Rachida Ayadi were in charge of collecting  the information on the people treated.


The Heath Ministry donated the autorefractómetro and the box for the ocular tests.2. Set up of an optical workshop en Hassi Lábiad in co-operation with Ali Chaehane, member of “Association des jeunes de Hassi Lábiad” and “Azul en Acción  association from Murcia. Deme Melcon was in charge of the training of Ibrahim, Mbarek Ouargaga and Hamid Yaakoubi in order to be able to carry on with the work.  





A van  loaded with clothes, school materials and sunglasses was delivered to a village 17km from Hassi lábiad.  Mbarek Ouargaga, Hamid Yaakoubi and the VSF representative were in charge of this.


A certificate was issued by VSF to members of the  “Association des Jeunes of HASI lábiad ”, who helped us with the translations and who were looking for work.  This was also done in our previous campaigns


In December 2008 the VSF representative will go back to the north of Morocco to take the pending glasses. A member of “Jeunes de Hassi Lábiad” association will collect them and take them to “Organisation des Scouts et Guides du Maroc” association.


Photos were taken by VSF in order to make a CD

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