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Anantapur - 1998


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Co-opeation with Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Anantapur (India). From 23rd of January to 23rd of February


People Treated: 475

Glasses Issued: 650

Courses Run: one for 8 hrs. and another for 25 hrs.


Optometrist: Isabel Signes


   1. Assessing the visual needs of Anantapur area

   2.  Hospital staff training in the prevention of sight defect

   3. Assisting hospitals to prevent avoidable blindness

After the first sight exams in schools, it was found that up to 75% of deficit in vitamin A was associated with other vitamins. The prescribed preventive doze was changed as it was not effective


  • To Open a workshop in the main centre of the Foundation in Anantapur
  •  To organize teams to operate cataracts
  • To train specialists in short sightedness
  •  The creation of new campaigns for new sight testing


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